In Apply Sørco we put people first. This is at the core of our company culture and our organisation. We believe our people make a difference in all our operations and projects.

We hire the best, and we want to provide opportunities for our people and our organisation to grow, through a universal set of values and a flexible organisational stucture. In this way we are better able to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and services on all projects.


In order to continue delivering high quality services, and to continually adapt to market needs, we focus on a shared company vision, and shared corporate values:

Our Vision:

Apply Best Practise is our vision. We want to be recognized as a robust, predictable and efficient Maintenance, Modification and Operations (MMO) provider to the oil and gas industry by delivering quality services, and applying best practice solutions for facility and performance upgrades.

Our Values:

We have passion: We have the will to succeed. We are focused, dedicated and enthusiastic. We are brave when it is called for. We rise to the challenge and we will go the extra mile

We are dynamic: We are flexible and open-minded. We embrace new challenges. We are ready to change and to think outside the box. We continuously improve and create innovative solutions for the future.

We are attentive: We develop the potential in our colleagues. We demonstrate care and support for one another in our daily work. We listen. We are inclusive and respectful.

We have integrity: We are reliable and trustworthy. We never compromise quality and HSE. We act with competence and confidence when facing difficult and challenging situations.

Our people:

Our people are the foundation of our business. Our highly competent and committed employees are crucial for our performance and our capacity to meet our clients’ current and future needs. Our professional staff comprises of experts and experienced personnel within Maintenance, Modifications, Engineering and Operations. We have highly qualified staff onshore and offshore. We work on projects from initial design phase to final installation.



Clear and visible; By practicing a clear leadership style, and having a visible presence, being actively committed to our people and always setting a good example; “walk the talk”

Include and delegate; By motivating and engaging, by systematically involving our people in developing goals, solving problems and working on improvement.

Support and guide; By way of an open and active dialogue, aiding our people to take ownership of the challenges they face, so that they can, by themselves, and in teams, come up with good solutions.

Feedback and appreciation; By giving constructive feedback, showing appreciation for good results and treating irregularities and poor results in a proactive, fair and efficient manner.

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