Operations and Engineering Services

Our Operations and Engineering support team offers a wide range of services related to preparation of operation of new assets, handover from development phase to operation, and flexible support for ongoing operations.

Our overall understanding of operations based on hands-on experience from onshore- and offshore support services is our core strength. Our employees’ competencies range from Ph.D.-level to technicians. Requirements for enhanced safety, increased production and reduced operation costs over the lifetime of the installation are the core of our services.

By combining our operation and engineering support service with our maintenance management and modification service, Apply Sørco delivers a complete service as operations partner for the oil and gas upstream companies.

Our services include:

Our Operations and Engineering services include:

Asset Integrity Services:

  • Establishing maintenance philosophies, strategies and programs
  • Optimization of established maintenance programs and processes
  • Supply and operation of specialized asset integrity software solutions with interfaces to maintenance administration systems (SAP, IFS, Workmate, etc)
  • Establishing and operation of barrier management systems
  • Establishing and optimization of integrity based spare-part and logistic information
  • Verifying and transferring technical information deliveries from project with respect to operational requirements
  • Services related to specialized technical documentation (Loops, SCDs, P&IDs, etc)
  • Information management services related to technical information systems (SAP, STID, Workmate, Maximo, IFS, etc)

Operations Support Service

  • Reviewing and establishing operational strategies with regards to organization and manning
  • Establishing and following up of competence requirements, onshore and offshore
  • Development of SO (system and operation) documentation, including system descriptions, and operational instructions/procedures
  • Developing and administration of e-learning systems (CBT; Computer Based Training)
  • As-built update of operational documentation and training material
  • Developing of administrative procedures
  • Preparing statutory applications and other required documentation for the Authorities
  • Training and simulator services
  • Developing of training material for operational purposes; system courses as class room lessons or as e-learning, self-studies and on-the-job training
  • Complementary electronic support tools for operations; EOD (web based electronic operation documentation), Max P&ID, Web Album, handbooks in tablet formats

Operation Service

  • Performance of maintenance operation including offshore organization with management and onshore first line support
  • Provision of offshore resources in flexible arrangements, individuals and teams
  • Logistics services onshore and offshore (equipment and materials)
  • Dispatching services integrated with client or organized as outsourced service
  • Senior competence within most areas; process, deck, crane, mechanic, automation, electrical etc.
  • Project close-out services and commissioning support
  • Specialized start-up support for new assets with process and automation specialists
  • Structured services for handling of carry over phases from project to operation

Engineering Service

  • Flexible engineering capacity to the process- and O&G industry
  • Supply of individuals and smaller multidiscipline teams for integrated work with clients
  • Supply of specialized O&G project management resources on flexible arrangements
  • Performance of support- and specialist services related to outsourced 3D CAD administration, weight-database services, engineering DB services, fiscal metering, on-site commissioning services, cost control, LCI etc.
  • Potential support included with tools, systems and solutions
  • 3rd party technical assistance to the clients for follow up of major tasks and projects

FEED and Design service

  • Flexible multidiscipline study services for assets in operation
  • Hazop-services, facilitation and close-out services
  • Specialized process and operation experience, process integrity services
  • Specialized environmental competence and study services
  • Technology integration services, together with technology providers
  • Design services including detail engineering, procurement and construction assistance, project management support (EPCM)


Shell – Maintenance Engineering Support Contract

Apply Sørco holds a frame agreement with Shell Norway. The project team undertakes required updates to the maintenance and integrity system related to modifications on the Draugen and Ormen Lange assets.

Lundin Provision of RBM Program Contact

Lundin awarded Apply Sørco the contract for provision of RBM (Risk Based Maintenance) programs for the Edvard Grieg installation in 2014.

Eni Goliat Operation and Maintenance Contract

Apply Sørco holds the contract for provision of Operation and Maintenance services on the Goliat FPSO.

Lundin Norge, Edvard Grieg Operation manning support

Provision of staff for varied positions among the operating offshore crew during Commissioning and start-up, and following up into the ordinary operating phase.

Statoil Gina Krog SO Documentation and Training Material

Apply Sørco holds the contract for establishment of SO (system and operational) documentation and training material for Gina Krog.

Lundin Edvard Grieg Operational Documentation and Training Material

From 2013 until today, Apply Sørco has developed Operational Documentation and Training Material for Lundin’s Edvard Grieg platform.

International Operating Oil and Gas Company

Engineering and Project Management Services. Provision of a wide range of project consultancy and personnel support services, together with associated software systems in support of the clients capital projects on an “as required” basis throughout all phases of the designated capital projects.

Independent consultancy for the Ministry of Justice

Apply Sørco`s competent staff provided the project with expertise both in Data Programming, and in Technical Safety considerations.

Songa Trym TSV Modification–Feasibility/FEED Study

Apply Sørco carried out the feasibility as well as FEED study for utilizing the modified Songa Trym semi-submersible drilling rig as a TSV for Statoil’s Oseberg Øst drilling operations.


Technology Integration of Innovative Low Salinity-EOR Technology

The Operator of the giant ACG fields in Azerbaijan, British Petroleum, has identified significant Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) potential by using low salinity water injection.