Songa Trym TSV Modification–Feasibility/FEED Study

Apply Sørco carried out the feasibility as well as FEED study for utilizing the modified Songa Trym semi-submersible drilling rig as a TSV (tender support vessel) for Statoil’s Oseberg Øst drilling operations. The scope of the work was to identify the required modification to Songa Trym drilling rig. Furthermore, the feasibility study covered the following points for each of the identified modifications:

  • Define scope of work for the modifications
  • Define interface/battery limit
  • Basic engineering of modifications
  • Risk analysis and management plan
  • Establish modification budget and schedule +/-20%
  • Establish project plan (level IV) including yard stay plan
  • Suggest and establish a project organization

More than 18 modification packages, including installation of personnel bridge, catenary hose platform, process fluid handling and storage systems as well as necessary removal of drilling systems to convert it into TSV, were identified and defined. FEED defined the key success criterion, identified risks and gave recommendation along with standard FEED deliverables.