Statoil Gina Krog SO Documentation and Training Material

Apply Sørco holds the contract for establishment of SO (system and operational) documentation and training material for Gina Krog.

Main deliverables prepared for each platform system (both process, utility and EIT systems) are:

  • System Descriptions – Mainly used as a system introduction and guidance for operational personnel both on- and offshore
  • System Drawings – Simplified drawings providing a system understanding and overview. Internal drawings and principle sketches are also developed
  • Operational Procedures – Step-by-step instructions for the operator on how to i.e. start / shut down a system, and how to prepare equipment for maintenance
  • Training Material – Classroom courses with the purpose of giving the operational personnel a system introduction
  • Handbooks – Both pocket-sized HSE handbook and system handbooks are developed. The handbook is prepared for a tablet solution
  • Node Matrix – Nodal Black Start Procedure